Impact Of Globalization On Education In Pakistan Education Policy

It is reported that the impact of Globalization Pakistan has now shown its strong and massive commitment towards this EFA (Education For All) goals. We have this Dakar conference in the year of 2000 and since that time, education has managed to get massive importance globally. It is said by Burki that Pakistan has now made education its priority. Pakistan has now been modifying its educational governance policy so that it can well meet its EFA goals and target lines.

How Education in Pakistan can be improved?

We should be creatively and keep on reexamining the role played by the public sector. There should be some decentralization of services. Our Pakistan government should not be playing the role of a provider. Rather they should be portraying the role of an arranger and also as a  facilitator. It is the time that we should we make an increase in the educational sector financial allocations. Its budget allocation should be more than that of 4% of GDP.

How can EFA commitments be achieved by Pakistan?

All of the national, as well as provincial and also district level bodies, should be playing their due role. They should dictate and come up with strategies and plans of implementation. These six ‘Education For All’ goals should be meet up. If we can reduce the gender gap then the situation can improve a lot. It is seen that Pakistan has been ranked 106 out of 113 countries in terms of gender gap education. Pakistan is just spending 2.5 per cent on its sector of education which is quite disappointing.

Impact Of Globalization On Education In Pakistan

It is the high time that government of Pakistan should show complete commitment in order to raise the spend expenditure on this sector. It should be increased from 2 percent to the amount of 4 percent of their GDP. In the goal of expanding early childhood education, our country Pakistan is quite close to the target line.

Education System In Pakistan Issues And Problems With Solutions

We are among those 32 percent of the countries that are not showing any suitable progress to reach to these EFA goals. Something productive and constructive needs to be done.

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