List Of HEC Recognized Universities And Institutions For Parents and Students Info

There was a time when the HEC itself was in Political influence but now those days were gone. The politics at academic level taken by the wish to provide quality education. Those students, parents, and scholars have a consistent relationship with the HEC have reason to please to see the improvement. Now the improvements of HEC are not limited because these improvements are beneficial for students at the same level as they are for parents and institutions.

It is hard to mention the black ship in performance because it may be an institution, student or parents who tend authorities to do corruption. There is no solution to do corruption to through the student towards higher education. It is not ethical and beneficial as well for the student career. Therefore for those students and parents who want to get an attachment with the Higher Education Commission HEC now being informed about the list of recognized Universities and Institutions in Pakistan to get the education free of corruption. There would be no word on corruption if students and parents get admission in these recognized universities and Institutions recognized by the HEC.

HEC Recognized Universities And Institutions

For example, HEC has issued an official statement about those institutions who termed itself a recognized institution for MPhil and Ph.D. but they are not recognized to disrupt the student’ career. Parents are student are being informed through the list of HEC recognized Universities that these universities have authority to provide degree according to signed agreement between institution and HEC itself. Chairman Mukhtar Ahmed look serious about the provision of quality education. The willingness of providing such education is surely a way towards future.

List Of Universities In Pakistan Under NTS

HEC Recognized Universities And Institutions

Recently meeting with 120 institutions and universities showed the same stance as the Chairman usually buzzed about the future goals of HEC to be achieved. The current Budget of education is 80 billion that is much higher as compared to 35 billion in 2010- 2011 but still it needed to be increased as compared to other developing countries on globe. Hope the list of HEC recognized Universities and Institutions can helpful for HEC to achieve the desired goal.

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