NTS Supervisor Test Practice Questions And Answers

If you are looking for the details of NTS Supervisor Test Practice Questions And Answers then you are at right page. So if you have applied for this post of Supervisor and you want to clear this NTS then we can give you the detailed information that what questions, what will be the format and which subjects will be included in this test of yours. You will have 40 marks for your english subject portion and in this portion, your grammar skills and too your communication skills will be judged. Then 30, 30 marks each question will come from subject of Islamiyat and subject of Pakistan studies.

How many Ruku are in Quran and the options are 558, 559, 557, 556 and the correct answer is 558. Then we have this next question, how many manzilay are in Holy Quran and options are 4, 5, 6, 7, and the correct answer will come out to be 7. From the portion of Pakistan studies, we have question for you who wrote The ‘Kashaf-ul-Mahjub’ and we have options for you Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh (R.A) or was it written by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali or by Maulana Shibli Nomani or by Maulana Zakaullah and the correct answer we have is Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh (R.A).

Then from this english portion, you have to prepare all of the basic concepts related to english grammar, you should know the usage of all of the parts of speech and you should have grip on your vocabulary part. Like in english portion, you will get this question, what is the synonym of Delighted and options are happy, sad, angry, frustrated and the correct answer is happy. Then you can be asked to give the antonym of amalgamated and options are fused, combined, inducted, separated and correct answer is separated.

NTS Supervisor Test Practice Questions And Answers

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You can keep in touch and stay connected with us and more of the details on NTS Supervisor Test Practice Questions And Answers are about to come sooner. You should be preparing all of these subjects which are mentioned above so that you can clear and pass this Supervisor test which will be taken by NTS, you should have complete and whole hold on each test subject of yours.

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