Female Education In Pakistan Essay And Speech Pakistani Girls Still Out Of School

It is sad dilemma for each and every Paistani girl that more than 13 million girls in Pakistan have never and ever been inside a classroom. It has been reported that nearly half of Pakistan’s, that is 53 million children who are aged 5-16 are now out of school. It is also researched that 55 per cent of those out of children are girls. It is seen that by far Pakistan has the third largest number of these out-of-school girls in this world. This fact came to us when some of the Taliban militants shot that 14-year-old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, who later on got a Nobel Peace prize laureate for Female Education In Pakistan Essay

What should be done to see Pakistani Girls in school?

  • It is because of the fact that we are still living in this largely patriarchal society. We have seen that now a joint project has been launched in 2013 by Alif Ailaan. It is a kind of an education reform campaign that has been funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development but run by Pakistanis. It is also funded by some of the local non-profit organisation named as Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN). Because of this initiative, many of the girls have now been studying in schools.

Female Education In Pakistan Essay And Speech Pakistani Girls Still Out Of School

  • If this kind of project will be able to raise awareness in all of the rural areas then we are sure not a single will be able out of school. We need to start doing women campaigning for girls
  • Each and every child in Pakistan has been allowed to have a free education. We need to come out from this conservative culture.
  • We need to have grass-roots community and also village campaigners so that they can well highlight this issue that education is also important for the girls.
  • It is the time that we should be coming up with some creative ways so that our message can be spread across. If we want to see more and more girls in schools then we should be organizing public walks through all of the villages. We should also be coordinating with all of the religious leaders so that better word can be spread.
  • It is also because of the parents’ unwillingness that girls do not attend school. It is also because of the factors like that of poverty and also cultural sensitivities that we see this kind of issue on regular basis.
  • It is also reported according to the Oxfam report that by far 11pc of young girls in Pakistan gets married before they get the age of 15. This means that we are jeopardising the rights to health of these girls and also their education.

Pakistani Girls Still Out Of School

My View

If we want to have a  brighter and also prosperous future then we need to see equal number of girls and boys in schools.

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