Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase 3 2017 Specifications Features

Today one goes through official and first news about Prime Minister Laptop features and specification. Although it is confirmed but short news about the features of coming laptop under the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase 3201. The features or specification of laptops coming this year actually not regularly given by the Punjab government but this time specifically all features, specifications and add on selected for the perspective that student should start their passion for doing academic research.

PMNLS Laptop Scheme 2017

There are two types of research normally universities and colleges countered now a day. The first type of research is all about to research about a topic truly at an academic level. For example, the coming laptops under phase 3 having licensed or genuine windows 8.1 that is all about to get the best framework particularly safe environment to do assignments and projects at academic level research.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2017 Registration Extended

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2017 Registration HEC Online

The second type of research is about the professional research with the purpose to get the professionalism at a focus. For example, academic level research always considers with the predictive manner to publish it. For the best formats or anything else related to professional research is possible with the professional software of writing. For such purpose Prime Minister Laptop Scheme phase 3 machines having Microsoft Office 365 application software.


It means that professional aspects from the formatting of research till the finishing of the document never escaped from the software mentioned above. There are many reviewed after first two phases of Laptop schemes and now the package of laptop scheme improved this time. For example now with the laptop there is an opportunity to get training from Microsoft IT training center in respective university or college.

Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme 2017 

The other option being given this time with the laptop purely for those who wants to get the professional aspect while using Microsoft and even dealing with its all other features than MS word only. With the collaboration of internet that is a reality for doing a research now, students would get the 3G Evo device with the laptop and many other included in the package.

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