Punjab Education Budget 2017-18 Allocation For Education

You must be surprised to know that Punjab education Budget 2016-17 has once again been cut down. It is the 9th consecutive year that we have been witnessing this reduction of Punjab education Budget. It is such a disappointing news for all of the students that for one more time, PML-N government has reduced the budget of this educational sector of Pakistan.

History of Punjab education Budget

It was in the year 2013- 2014 when the Punjab education Budget was about 26% of the total provincial budget line. In this year 2016 – 2017, it is just and only 18.6% of the total provincial budget line. Alif Ailaan which is a nongovernment organization has heavily and massively criticized this step of Punjab government.

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Current budget allocated to the Education sector of Punjab

  • This time, they have just allocated 312 billion Rs. This budget allocation on this department has been decreasing day by day. In 2013, education sector used to have a percentage share of 26%. In 2016, this sector just had a percentage share of 18.6%.
  • It was in the last year when this announcement was made that 32.8 billion Rs of investment will be made in the Punjab educational department. But you will be shocked to see that they have only managed to spend 14 billion Rs by now!

Punjab Education Budget 2017-18 Allocation For Education

punjab government basic pay scale For 2016

  • We are not at all doing some meaningful spending. If such situation will keep on be prevailing in Punjab then most od the schools will turn out to be ghost schools.
  • All of our educational indicators have been showing little and tiny progress. The reason is that we are not spending a suitable amount of money on this department.

Punjab Education Budget 2016-17 Allocation For Education

What should be done?

  • We need to give more and more budget allocation to the educational department.
  • Punjab politicians need to participate in the budget decision-making processes. Education should be our priority and our Punjab politicians should realize it.
  • It is the time to devise a proper education system.

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