Matric Education System In Pakistan Shehzad Roy Is Fighting For

Shehzad Roy has now been fighting now a days because he needs to see some positive changes in the educational sector of Pakistan. Our education system has become a retarded one. We need to have productive changes in our education system and this is what Shehzad Roy has been fighting for that! Matric Education System In Pakistan

Shehzad Roy appearance at the Harvard university

It was at the Harvard university that he made an appearance a few times back. At that university, he spoke about the activism and also about his music. He too talked about his documentary series that was named as Chal Parha! It means Come and teach.

Shehzad Roy documentary Chal Parha

This documentary has been well highlighting the issues which are existing in Pakistan. If we will not solve this educational crisis then one day, Pakistan educational sector will go into the stone age. Being one of the famous and well-known pop stars in Pakistan, he has been carrying out this constructive work for the betterment of its youth. He has by far visited and toured more than 200 schools in Pakistan. He is of this view that all of our schools have been facing the problem of population, the trend of corporal punishment is there. We do not have a uniform curriculum, we have unqualified teachers.

Matric Education System In Pakistan Shehzad Roy Is Fighting For

Shehzad Roy suggestions to improve the education system of Pakistan

  • He put forward this suggestion that we need to establish our educational structure from scratch.

Shehzad Roy Is Fighting For Problems

  • We are only spending 2.4% of our GDP on this sector, this is very much disappointing. We need to spend more and more on this sector so that each and every kid get an education.
  • We need to have trained teachers, we should be encouraging each and every student to complete their education. Proper educational ambience should be provided to the students.

Let us all help Shehzad Roy in making this plan a successful one. If he wants to see a stronger and an educated Pakistan then we should also think like this way!

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