UHS MCAT Entry Test 2017 Competition For Open Merit Seats

As we all know that this UHS MCAT Entry Test 2016 will sooner be conducted. Each and every year, this entrance test take place and a large number of students register themselves for this medical entrance test. Here, you will know about the stats and result figures of UHS MCAT Entry Test 2015 and we will make the predictions of this UHS MCAT Entry Test 2016 result. You will too get to know that self-finance foreign students seats have now been transformed into open merit seats.

  • We have seen that the Punjab government has now opened up 76 seats for the students who are living abroad. The children of the overseas Pakistanis or those students who have a dual nationality, they will now have 76 seat reserve if they want to take admission in any public medical or dental college. This initiative has been taken so that those students can also be facilitated who are living abroad.

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  • In the previous times, these 76 seats came in the category of self-finance foreign students seats and now these seats have been replaced by open merit seats. It is a great facilitation which is given to these foreign and dual nationality students of Pakistan.


UHS MCAT Entry Test 2017 Competition For Open Merit Seats

UHS MDCAT Admission Schedule 2017

  • Now, if the overseas Pakistanis have to get admission in these public medical colleges or public dental colleges then they have to pass this UHS MCAT Entry Test. They can also show their result and marks of International MCAT score or it can be the score of SAT-II.

Admission Process For UHS MCAT Entry Test 2017 For MBBS And BDS Programs

To be the part of public medical colleges in Pakistan, it is a tough task because the huge competition is there. Students really work hard and fight to get a seat in these medical and dental colleges. Massive and huge competition are witnessed when it comes to the open merit seats in the public medical and dental colleges of Pakistan.

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