Electrical Engineering Courses In Pakistan Online List Syllabus, Requirements

I was just reviewing the book published in 2004 regarding Electrical Engineering labeled as a handbook of electrical Engineering and editor in chief was WAI-KAI CHEN. The cover page was attracted enough to tends me to read further the book. although my major was not electrical engineering but finally I decided to explore the book because I have to give BSC Electrical Engineering Course Outline for those who just want to enroll in the program after the FSC class in Pakistan. The Pakistani student community was unaware of many things before they actually do. provides an opportunity to those who just want to get the actual way before starts anything serious in life specifically about the course outline before the starts of the program so here is Electrical Engineering Courses In Pakistan.

HEC Recommended List Of Electrical Engineering Courses

A perfect course outline for BSc electrical engineering students is the only one which is known as a best way to start an unknown journey. The list of things should be included in course outline is available here. The below given first level outline for the Electrical Engineering showed that how to cover the big paradigm of the course in a smallest way. The comprehensive understanding of the circuits is possible only under 3 major things.

Electrical Engineering Courses In Pakistan Online List Syllabus, Requirements


One is about the industrial approach, other is about the government implications and last but not the least all practical aspects in academia. It is the first level approach towards the Electrical Engineering Course but we one just look towards, it gives much diverse nature of studying at student level necessary in Pakistan’ universities.


The classical understanding along with the contemporary approach of circuits may be enhanced through such approach by getting the way towards the circuits analysis. First Level means the first Semester includes the diverse subjects to prepare the mindset of students to continue towards the most practical field in the world.


Now Let’s discuss the second part of the course outline for Electrical Engineering course. The second part toughest one because it includes many other practical subjects at advance level. Firstly, it should be noticed that Electric Circuits, Applied Chemistry, Workshop Practice, Applied Physics, Arabic Languages and Calculus are some of the basic contents of the electrical Engineering course mostly encountered in the first semester by the students in universities of Pakistan. The second level aspect is another way to think about many subjects because it contain electrical and electronics workshops, Circuits Analysis & Design, Engineering drawing, Introduction to computing, applied Thermodynamics, communication skills, and differentiation equations are some second level subjects faced by students in next level.


The third step contains one step difficult way as compared to previous two subjects. The third step will explore the world of semiconductors, fundamentals of programming, the view of digital systems, essentially technical writing and presentation skills and most important is linear algebra. These subjects will really show that how to deal diverse subjects under one name which is electrical engineering courses. Now after covering the circuit theory and circuit analysis in previous steps, continuity comes with the uncovering the way of analog and digital electronic circuits. It would increase or at least sustain the way of circuit knowledge gaining indeed.


The signals and Systems would be another startup in such way that would benefit the students in further steps. It is fourth step and existence of Microprocessors systems and numerical methods in electrical engineering course are logical and justified. The fifth step for students in electrical engineering courses to cover the way to dealing with the applied probability and Statistics, electric machinery fundamentals m, control systems and power transmissions. So, students of Electrical engineering should be kept in touch at institute level so that they can grow smoothly. The detailed course outline of Electrical Engineering discussed in the given pictures.

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