GCU Lahore Chinese Language Course Is Best Option

This Chinese Language course has now been inaugurated at this GCU Lahore. For the information, this Lahore Chinese consulate has now provided and given printers, computers and also IT computers to GCU Lahore so that they can teach the Chinese language to their students. They have too provided and given books which are related to the culture of China and related to the Chinese language.

GCU Lahore Chinese Language Course Is Best OptionGCU Lahore Chinese Language Course Is Best Option

GCU Lahore- Chinese Language Course inaugurated at the GCU Lahore

  • This initiative has been taken because language is the only aspect that can connect people belonging to different cultures. As Pakistan and China have always been iron and fast friends. If students of Pakistan will learn this Chinese language then people and students of Pakistan and China might get closer.


  • This center at the GCU Lahore will try its level best to bring these two countries closer. As Pakistan and China friendship has always and all the time stood the test of the time. Both of the countries are important and vital strategic partners to each other. It is the time that the young generation and youth of Pakistan and China should also come closer. We should bridge and minimize this social as well as culture gap and this can be possible if no language barriers exist between the people of Pakistan and China.
  • Through this Chinese language course, students will be able to explore the different cultural aspects of China country. Through this Chinese language learning, we will know more about the political systems and also economic developments taking place in the China country.

Let us all see that how far this GCU Lahore Centre for Excellence for learning the Chinese language will make a success! We will update you about the feedback and success of this Chinese language course on a regular basis. This learning of Chinese language is a great initiative taken by the students of Pakistan. Apart from our national and official language, we should also know how to speak other international languages.

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