Universities Under FMDC In Pakistan

Are you looking for the information about Universities under FMDC In Pakistan? This FMDC stands for Federal medical and dental college, there are certain and particular uniersities that comes under Federal medical and dental college. It is a well known medical college and it is all located in the city of Islamabad. It is on the per year basis that this medical college gives admission to 100 students in its MBBS degree program. It is one of the well known and most well reputed federal colleges located in Pakistan. It is with the help of this National Testing Service that this college proceed with its admission test. This medical college has not yet started with its BDS program studies. This college has its affiliation with this Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto medical university. It is also recognized by this Pakistan medical and dental council. This Federal medical and dental college has its approval from Ministry of health.

This college has been listed right in the IMED listing and also in this WHO Directory of Medical Schools. It has two teaching hospitals and they are named as Federal General Hospital and too this Pakistan institute of medical sciences. This college comprise of the departments like it has Department of Anatomy, in its premesis it has the Department of Physiology and Department of Biochemistry, then this medical college has Department of Pharmacology and Department of Pathology working under it.

Universities Under FMDC In Pakistan

It has this Department of Community and also Public Health Sciences, this college consist of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, it has this Department of Procurement  and this college has its Store Section as well.

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All of the medical and dental colleges and too universities which come under this federal area of Pakistan, they also come under this Federal medical and dental college. This is all of the information on Universities under FMDC In Pakistan. You can keep in touch with us on the most regular basis so that we can give you regular amount of information that which of the further universities will come under the category and supervision of this FMDC. It is true that this medical universities sector of Pakistan, it is growing on a wider scale. Now many in number of well reputed medical universities are being created up and they are working quite professionally for the betterment of students.


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