Word Association Test ISSB Online Solved PDF Download

Selection for the defense forces word association test ISSB is conducted. In most countries like US, Germany intelligent and psychological test was conducted and got amazing results. In old ages, method of heredity was used to select the manpower that aims to restrain power within families that affect the efficiency, credibility, quality of services. This concept has been changed when the educated and progressive, open minded people grew up and fight for rights and provide extra ordinary services for the country and to serve mankind. After the independence, in 1974 selection board is made to choose manpower that was ready to scarify their lives for country with bravery. Three dimensional assessments of candidates were required to select candidates. In Pakistan ISSB is made for this purpose.

The Inter-Service Board is the commissioned officers based committee that only select the candidates for arm force of Pakistan though different aptitude, psychology, and personality test. After getting qualifies from these tests they go through training at military academies that are based in KAKUL, MANORA, and RISALPUR. There is an eligibility criterion that has to be followed by the candidates. 17-22 years age is required, for the graduates 17 -23.in service army 17 -25 should be considered with 5-4 height. The period of ISSB test is five days in which they undergo checking of documents and their belongings for fist day. At second day 1st psychological test conducted

Word Association Test ISSB Online Solved PDF Download

With the help of ISSB word association test. In this test words are given on the board and projectors and candidates have to make meaningful sentences. Through these words selection committee analyze the personality, attributes of personality, beliefs, likes dislikes and what you think for the happenings around you. Those who are failed will not attend next test. On third day indoor out door and interviews being conducted. Forth day find the mutual assessment through different tasks.\

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On fifth day conference will be held. There is no particular form that offers the ISSB prep but some academies do these jobs on their own to capable candidates to achieve high numbers. word association test ISSB onlineĀ also provide some help but have no idea those words come in test or not but best for the brainstorming. 100 words are given total each word being described by the candidates to show the personality attributes. How you behave, how do you think, how you know the things, how you explore the things, what you perceive from the thing under a limited time which is quite taught task. Only 9 to 10 seconds are given after that word disappears from the projector.

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word association test

words are like Love, duty, girl, eat, work, decide, lie, enjoy, solve, story, break, beat, give, careful, success, trust, fear, defeat, mature, accident, old, accept, sympathy, short, sink, target, sink, last, offer, neglect, protect, quick, pressure, cry, sorrow, think, criminal, character, laughter and so on. The basis purpose is to know what you think about word when it appears and it shows your thinking and perspective about particular phenomena. Those who are qualifying in this test have the opportunity to conduct next test otherwise will drop off.

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