Jokes Especially For Father Day 2017 That Shows Care And Love

It is the time that should be making this Father Day 2016 19 June day  fun filled kind of day. It is a day to share happiness with your father, exchange your feelings with your dad and make him smile on this special day. On this day, you have to make him feel that he is the most special person on this earth. Father Day 2016 19 June should not be missed out by you. Make your dad laugh and smile. Share jokes with him, bring back those childhood memories, take out the old pictures and talk about those memories and childhood time once again.

Jokes Especially For Father Day 2016 19 June

It is a fact that your father has all the time taken care of yours, but on this day, you have to take care of him, you have to show love towards him. Check out these jokes and quotes from here. Share these funny jokes with him and bring that real and actual laugh on his face. When your father is in the office, he is working and earning for you. But when he gets back to home, he acts like a child and starts playing with you. He hides all his worries and tensions and smile and laugh with you.


Your father is a protector for you

On this planet, it will only be your father who will be protecting you from the tough times of your life. He will be facing those difficulties, he will be confronting them. Your father will always keep your hand in his hands. He will not leave you tough and bad times. He will not cheat you. If something bad will happen to you, then he will be the one who will take you out of evil things.

Father Day 2016 Jokes

Do not ever feel bad about your father anger, behind that anger, you should see that love. Celebrate this Father Day 2016 19 June and share your experiences with us as well.

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