Pemra Guidelines For Tv Channels In Detail

It is reported that the Ministry of Information and also broadcasting has now issued and revealed a code of conduct so that further improvements can be made in the PEMRA rules. According to these PEMRA rules 2016, all of the electronic channels have been directed that they should not be airing any kind of hate speech. Here, you can check out these PEMRA rules and guidelines in detail:

PEMRA guidelines for all of the TV channels

  • According to these rules, if any of the hate speech will be made the hosts or guests then that program will not be aired. If any of the hate speech expression will be inciting any kind of violence, if that hate speech will be giving us the expression of discrimination that program will straight away be banned.
  • It has been notified to the electronic media that no such material should be aired that will be against the Islamic values. No such material should be broadcasted by the TV channels of Pakistan that will be against the founding fathers of Pakistan or against the Islamic ideology of our country.

Pemra Guidelines For Tv Channels

  • Any kind of private behavior or any sort of private information should not at all be brought into the public domain. All of the current affair programs should be presenting and revealing the information in the correct as well as fair manner. All the political talk shows should be conducted and carried out in an objective way. There should be some productive purpose behind these current affair programs.
  • Programs which are related to the judicial matters, they should be handled in an objective and purposeful way. News should be made a separate section and they should be separated from commentary and analysis.

Now, let us all see that how far these PEMRA rules and guidelines will be followed up. It is the time that all of the TV channels should act in a productive and purposeful way

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