Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Premium Collection 2017 Volume 2 Launched Price Range

Dress collection for different brands has their image. But Gul Ahmed dress collection in every season. Winter is the season where almost all brands in Pakistan specifically concerned about the dress collection and ways to improve the brand image at a customer level. Mostly brands among them launched two volumes so that a wide range of selection could be there at a customer level. Gul Ahmed as the name suggested is the traditional aspect of Pakistani dress market. Ideally, it is more focused with the ladies collection. Ladies are choosy while selecting a dress for each event but they knew that the economic feature remains in Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Premium Collection.

Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Premium Collection 2017 Volume 2 Launched Price Range

I have some arguments that Gul Ahmed recent fall-winter collection is the same thing to explore. For example when the discussion is about the Embroidered dresses now winter premium collection has Silk Velvet with the specific aspect. There are many colors; variations depend on upon the stores located in the Pakistan. For example, the dress collection of fall winter located in Lahore has difference in the variety of dress as compared to other stores.

The Silk Velvet is the quality of dress and type because these dresses are among most sold items at Gul Ahmed. The second choice of women is about the Pashmina Woolen. The name is traditionally linked with the Gul Ahmed’ uniqueness in the market. Further dress market The Pashmina Wollen dress is less costly as compared to the Silk Velvet dresses in the Pakistani market. The starting price of Pashmina premium collection in winter is more than 5000 in Pakistani price, and Silk Velvet is more than 6000 in Pakistani rupees. The various stores located in the Lahore are doing well with the Gul Ahmed aspect and covering the demand of Gul Ahmed ideally.


The third favorite dress is Tulip Velvet. Although there is the slightly difference between these choices but the most important aspect is about its affiliation with Gul Ahmed. The dress collection is almost ready to serve the community. While sum up one would like to say that Gul Ahmed price ranges are extensive but all winter collection premium one have its aspects to say. Therefore, one would like to recommend it because it has variety, fashion with style.

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