Chapli Kabab Recipe In Urdu Peshawari Chapli Recipe Method Step By Step

When we talk about one of the famous and popular kababs of Peshawar then we never forget the name of Chapli kabab! They are made with different spices and too with dry pomegranate seeds. These kababs have such an awesome and amazing taste that we literally could not stop ourselves to have them more and more! You can make these kababs even in your home and on your own. Have them with burgers, naan and roti. It is best to serve them mint chutney. So check out the Chapli kabab Recipe In Urdu from here!

To make these most delicious kababs, you should have 1 kg of beef mince, 3 eggs and salt according to your taste. 2 tsp of red pepper, it should be crushed. 1 tbsp of coriander seeds in a crushed form, 4 tbsp of corn flour and 1 tbsp of Pomegranate seeds in a crushed form. 2 onions in a finely chopped form, 3 tomatoes and 1bunch of Mint.

Chapli Kabab Recipe In Urdu Peshawari Chapli Recipe Method Step By Step

Get 8 Green chilies in a chopped form, 15 to 20 Black peppercorns and 1 tsp of cumin seeds. 2 tbsp of chopped Green coriander.

Chapli Kabab Recipe In Urdu

First you have to blend black peppercorns and white cumin and also green coriander. Keep all of them aside once you blend them. Then take eggs and make an omelete of them. Keep also this aside. Take a chopper machine now and you have to chop mince, salt and crushed red chili and crushed coriander. Put corn flour and mint leaves as well as green chilies and ground spices in the chopper. Add pomegranate seeds too in the chopper machine and chop well. Take a bowl and put all of this mince mixture in it. Now you can mix your omelete and onion, tomato in that mince mixture. Start making chapli kababs with this mixture and then you can shallow fry them in warm oil.

Once these kababs will come golden brown in color, you can put them on a plate. Make a mint sauce with these kababs. It is the tastiest dish of kababs which you people have ever and ever ate! So try this recipe and let us know how much you like the taste of these Peshawri chapli kababs. We will share more kabab recipes with you, so stay tuned and connected.

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