K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu Chicken Kofta Method

To make kafta Kabab and chicken kofta, it is easy to make. K&N offer these dishes in the ready to cook form. They are available in frozen form. Just take them out from the packet and fry them up. Have a look at the K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu from here. So to make Kafta Kabab, 1/2 kg mince, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 onions, they should be chopped.1/2 bunch of parsely, 1 tsp of Coriander powder and 1/2 tsp of Cumin seeds. 1 tsp of all spice powder and 1 tsp of Red chili, 1 tsp of Ginger and 1/2 tsp of Black pepper powder.

The method to make kafta kabab, first you have to mix all of together mince and cloves of garlic, mix salt and chopped onions, add parsley chopped and coriander powder in a bowl. Add too cumin seeds and all spice powder, some crushed red chili and ginger and add black pepper powder in that bowl. Chop all of them for one more time in a chopper. Now you should Soak few of the shahslik sticks in water for about 30 minutes. Through this mince mixture, you have to start making small balls and then give them a shape of a small in length long kabab. Just Refrigerate them for 30 minutes. Then you can later on fry them in a a grill pan with the help of oil.

To make Chicken Kofta, you will need 1/2 kg Chicken meat bone less, Salt and black Pepper, 2 tbsp of Garlic and ginger paste. 1 onion, 1/2 bunch of Green coriander leaves, 1 pinch of Turmeric powder, 1.4 tsp of  all spice powder and 1 cup of Tomato puree.

K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu Chicken Kofta Method

You will need 1 tsp of Coriander and cumin seed, 4 Green chili, 1/4 cup of oil, 1 tsp of Red chili powder and 1/2 tsp of Red chili.

K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu

The method to prepare Chicken Kofta, first you have to cut this chicken bone less meat right into cubes form. Put these cubes in the chopper and then you have add 1tbsp garlic and ginger paste, onion and turmeric powder, and also spice powder in that chopper along with the addition of green coriander leaves. Grind all of these ingredients.

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Put this mince by taking a bowl and then you can add salt and black pepper. Mic all of them and make small balls of this mixture. Fry these small balls on the grill pan or be it on the fry pan. Have these koftas made from chicken served with green sauce.

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