List Of Best Halwa Puri Breakfast Options In Lahore

If you have been to Lahore and you have missed out its breakfast then you are an unlucky person. Lahore is famous for its food. People especially wake up early in the morning so that they can enjoy the Lahore breakfast. Here, we will be telling you some of the best venues that offer best halwa puri in Lahore. Check out these breakfast options and do make a visit to them for Best Halwa Puri In Lahore

Best Halwa Puri Breakfast Options In Lahore

Taj Mahal Sweets

Their breakfast timings are 3:30am to 1:30pm. They also offer Sweets as well as malai and also samosas. It is located opposite to the Badshahi Mosque. Their specialty is that they offer and provide two types of halwa. You can try out their regular sooji and you can also have a  ‘poora’ halwa. Just enjoy their puffed-up puris, they are quite tasty! You can also try their yellow-brown in color halwa. It is made with congealed kind of thickened milk which we call it with a name of khoya. Its owner name is Chaudhry Muhammad Akram.

Chand Shahab Sweets

Its breakfast timings are 7am to 12pm. You can also call it with a name of Shaabu. It is located on a street which is quite popular for Peshawari chappals. They have their most appetizing breakfast options for you. You will just love their chanay. Their channas are actually served with mango. Allah Ditta has been working here for 25 years.

Karachi Sweet Shop

Their breakfast timings are 12am to 2pm. You will also have jalebi and sweet pakoras here. Try their shukur-paray. Their breakfast consists of halwa puri, fluffy puri along with sweet halwa.  Try their other sweets as well as savories, they just stand out.

Butt Sweets

It is located on on McLeod Road, Lakshmi Chowk. They offer some of the tasty traditional snacks. You can have a cheapest halwa puri over here at just Rs15. Do try their potato-chana curry, you will love them.

List Of Best Halwa Puri Breakfast Options In Lahore

You should be visiting these best of the Halwa Puri Breakfast Options in Lahore.

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