Local Cuisine and Food Startups In Lahore Pakistan Lahori Cuisine

On this Eid, we had many many of the fusion food deals. On this Eid, we had many of the food startups. Some local cuisines took the initiative and came up with excellent and tasty food startups. Among them we have these Awesamosas, locate in Cavalry Ground Lahore. Check out the details:

Local Cuisine and Food Startups In Lahore Pakistan– Initiative of Seema Sani and Daniyal Noorani

We have this first of its kind of Awesamosas! They are one of the sweetest and most savory in the taste of awesamosas. It comes with many exciting and appetizing flavors. As it, our favorite snack and this food fusion took this snack to a whole new and different standard. Seema Sani and also Daniyal Noorani are the founders of awesamosas. They told the media that once people had the bite of these samosas, smiles were on their faces.


The best thing about Awesamosas!

You can have them in ground beef and onion form. This version of these Awesamosas has known as Dam ka qeema! Their Awesamosas also come in the flavors of caramelized onion and cheese. Try them with Hyderabadi Aloos! Their future plans are that they will be introducing samosas with manchurian and too with some butter chicken flavors. In their upcoming outlets, you will be getting tea and cup of an ice cream as well. Do you know that on Eid 2016, they came up with a special offer and you could have dozen frozen Awesamosas in just Rs 2000! Their store is in Cavalry ground Lahore

Naan – another tasty food fusion by Seema Sani and Daniyal Noorani

They have too come up with sweet as well as savory in taste naans. Their naan specialties come in the form of Maro special, you can try out their Novelty naans and Chicken teriyaki naan and Chicken Tarragon naan. We have seen that their Nutella naans, as well as their Maro naans, have become our favorites.

Do try this place!

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