Ramadan Iftar Special Drinks Recipes In Urdu Pakistani Best Drinks In Iftar

This Ramadan 2017 is all coming up in this unbeatable summer heat time. So how can you remain and stay hydrated if you will fast for almost 17 hours? You need to take drinks during and after Iftar time of yours. Do not only rely on meals and iftar dishes. You need to have the maximum intake of water and drinks so that your body do not feel dehydrated. Have a look at these Ramadan Iftar Special Drinks Recipes and try out these simple recipes at your home.

You can make a Jallab drink, it is one of the popular drinks. You can make it by mixing dates and grape molasses and also rose water. Just serve it with lots and bunch of ice and then you can top it up with pine nuts and with some amount of raisins. You can have the tamarind drink as well. It is easy to make, you only have to mix tamarind fruit along with sugar and water.

 Sharbat Recipe In Urdu
Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu

Do not miss out of making the Carob juice. It is one of the healthiest and too one of the refreshing drinks. It is full and loaded with fiber. It is packed with protein and with the properties of antioxidants. By taking this drink, you can easily retain and survive your fasting time for hours and hours.

Ramadan Iftar Special Drinks Recipes In Urdu Pakistani Best Drinks In Iftar

You can have lassi, various kinds of milk shakes and juices as well. Have the juice of water melon, falsa in your iftari. They are so much easy to make. These juices are loaded and packed with much water content.

You can have imli and sharbat of aloo bukhara, mango milk shake, rubri falooda, mango mint milk shake. Take carrot and apple juice, red green juice in this Ramadan month 2017.

Stay Fresh In Ramadan

So if you want to stay fresh and energetic in this entire Ramadan Month 2017 so it is better to pack yourself with these healthy and nutritious drinks. Do not make your body a dehydrated one. Your body should not have deficiency of water, otherwise you cannot continue your fasting. Above are the suggested drinks which you can have in this month of Ramadan 2017. More simple and easy to make drinks recipes will too be shared over here. Share your drink recipe as well if you have made it!

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