Apple 4 Inch IPhone SE 2016 Attract Economic Users With Price Specs Release Date In Pakistan

The young generation is interesting is always getting something new and no one can deny that Apple is there to give them so. This time, the announcement of IPhone SE is a new approach Apple has adopted to attract economic users. The Phone with the best specifications as compare to economic price.

iPhone SE: Apple launches smaller, cheaper smartphone

iphone se foto

IPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus with 5.5 Inch

IPhone 6 and 6s with 4.7 inch

IPhone se with  4-inch display

The Phone that looks exactly iPhone 5. The Phone that may give a chance to those who still have no phone. There are many reasons to buy iPhone SE but those reasons are not more important as compared to price. The iPhone is the brand name that always there to attract new customers from a left market of mobile. The tagline of iPhone SE is economic therefore young generation termed it as an economic phone after just the announcement made by the company.

IPhone se release date

When this morning I have checked by twitter account the hashtag made me surprise to see that how people are searching for the IPhone SE and most of them are considering its price over specifications. For example, Fast company termed it as revives of iPhone with $399 IPhone SE.

iphone se release date and price in pakistan
The Tagline as anyone can know nothing more than the marketing tactic. Further, it attracts economic users to consider iPhone SE as their next phone. After scrolling down from the Fast company marketing campaign about the IPhone SE I have come across many searches related to IPhone SE. For example, iPhone use size, iPhone se foto, iPhone se 128, iPhone se stands for and iPhone se video.

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These searches showed that People are showing their interest in purchasing it. On the other consumer is the best critic. There are many people that are counting disadvantages in purchasing the IPhone SE. Either it is true or not one has mentioned it so that people can get awareness about the IPhone se before its release date in Pakistan.

iphone se 3d touch
iphone se 3d touch

For Pakistan’ mobile market it is easy to rely upon the international media to get information about the Phone. There is huge time between release date at international and release date here in Pakistan. There are many different times spans but difficult to judge exact one.

iphone se size

The iPhone se specification can assess with the traditional mindset of Apple about the 4 Inch iPhone mobile Phone. The best thing to consider here is the sustainability of tradition of Apple to have 4 Inch phone in their lineup.

IPhone SE Video


According to release chatting by Apple officials that we have considered the voice of small community who have been buzzing to keep small display phone in the current product list. The use of A9 Chip made it faster as compared to IPhone 5s. Powerful and better design phone. The M9 chip is another feature that is more attractive as compared to IPhone 5s. Edges on the IPhone se are same as IPhone 5s.


There are people who are saying and comparing it with 5s. Company consider it faster as compare to IPhone 5s with two chips as mentioned here but critic termed it same. Some consider the main feature of the phone as bad, 4 Inch display. IPhone SE 2016 is the downgrade consider by someone on social media. Instead, it is just to continue with tradition for grasping old customers of Phone. I best argument I have come at social media is that one says that at least I do not have to carry a quarter of a tablet in my pocket with IPhone SE. Now it is up to in Pakistani people that how they termed it. I knew that Pakistani people are looking for Phone brand with less price and here is iPhone SE with most economic price ever. Hope, it would be available in Pakistan soon.


  1. sir! thank you very much for i phone se because in pakistan many peoples love and like i phone se because you give shape of i phone 5S


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