Cures Of Cancer Disease Possible With Early Diagnosis

It is a fact that Pakistan ranks as one of the leading countries in Asia when we talk about the breast cancer patients. It is advised that each of the women should be carrying out her detail medical checkup after the age of 40 so that she well know whether she is becoming the victim of breast cancer or not.

How can early diagnosis be done?

  • You should be doing your mammogram on a regular basis. Pakistan is one of those Asian countries where the patients of breast cancer are rising day by day. It is seen that after every 69 seconds, a woman dies because of breast cancer.
  • Every year in Pakistan, around 1 lakh women become the victim and patient of breast cancer. If they will be carrying out their early diagnosis and medical checkup then they can have treatment of this disease right on time.
  • This breast cancer and liver cancer type can be treated with the use of Microwave technology. If we will be consuming less fast food items and if we will be doing exercise on a regular basis then we can stay away from many of the health issues.
  • Pakistan government do not pay attention to the Healthcare Authority, that is why patients of liver and breast cancer are rising. If you want to diagnose then it is important to first carry out your lab test. It will be better if you will carry out your ultra sound test.
  • This liver and breast cancer can also be diagnosed with the CT Scan. If you do have liver cancer then you can treat it by carrying out liver transplant or liver surgery. At times, half of your liver is also cut down. Doctors also recommend the use of Micro Therapy.

Cures Of Cancer Disease Possible With Early Diagnosis

It is the high time that we should make Pakistan a cancer free Pakistan. The health department of Pakistan needs to work seriously now so that each and every cancer patient can be treated on time.

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