Healthy Diet Plan For 25 Years Old Male And Females Going To Weight Loss

We have seen this common problem among girls and boys who are 25 years old and they are quite fatty and bulky enough. This age is so young and this increase in weight of them is quite a serious issue. Men and women should look smarter enough so that they can enjoy healthy days of their lives. Here you can check out at the simple ways with the help of it 25 years old male and females can see a weight loss in themselves:

Healthy Diet Plan

Healthy Exercise Plan For 25 Years Old Male And Females

  • In the first go, you should be consulting your physiotherapist. Get your own personal gym instructor because he will be the one who will keep an eye on your exercise and diet plan. Right in the morning, you should be warming yourself for about 10 to 15 minutes. For bulky men and women who are in 25 years of their age period, they can do the running and jogging. Cycling will be the best option for them.
  • It is recommended that you should be doing the Resistance training. Try to perform the 12-15 repetitions of these training. For Monday, you can do the Lat pull down and also Seated cable rows. On Tuesday, you can try out Lunges and Squats. On Wednesday, you can try out Standing side bends and also Alternate leg lifts. Do also try these 90-degree crunches as well as 90-degree cross crunches.
  • On Thursday, you can do Shoulder lateral raising and Preacher curling. Then on Friday, you can carry out Side lunges. Have rest on Saturday and Sunday. Then from Monday, get back to your old exercise routine.

Healthy Diet Plan For 25 Years Old Male And Females

  • For your breakfast diet plan, the main items which you should be taking are, 200ml skimmed milk, 1 cup oatmeal along with 1 apple. Take 2 slices of bran bread and 1/2 cup cottage cheese.
  • In your breakfast diet plan, you can have a cup of fresh salad and about 150g of chicken. HaveĀ  mixed fruits in your diet.
  • In your diet time, have half cup salad and one cup of mixed pulses. Do have the intake of homemade chapatti and drinking maximum water is a must for you.

Do follow this diet plan.

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