Hepatitis Disease Facts In Urdu About Pakistan On World Hepatitis Day 2016

It is claimed by the health and medical experts that this world will be made Hepatitis Disease free by 2030. If we talk only about the situation in Pakistan then in our country, almost 5 lakh people died because of this Hepatitis Disease.

Hepatitis Disease facts

By 2020 and 2030, this Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C will be eradicated from the world as claimed by the health experts.

The world health community has issued this notice and warning to almost all of the countries that some serious needs to be given to this Hepatitis issue so that the world can be made Hepatitis free by 2030.

According to the researches, almost 40 crore people are the patient of Hepatitis. These 40 crore people include kids, men, and women as well. Among these 40 crore people, almost 14 lakh died because of this Hepatitis disease.

Hepatitis Disease Facts In Urdu

In Pakistan, the number of Hepatitis patients have increased to 2 crores. Among these 2 crore patients, almost 5 lakh die every year because of this monstrous disease.

If we want to stay away from this Hepatitis then we need to sterilize equipment. If someone is donating the blood then the doctor has to make sure that particular blood donating man is not the patient of Hepatitis.

If we want to eradicate this disease from this planet earth then all of the college students should be appearing this Hepatitis test, in this way, it can be diagnosed that whether they are Hepatitis free or not.

It is seen that the cure and treatment of Hepatitis have now been replaced by the medicines. In the old days, we used to treat this disease with the use of injections but now medicines are in use. With the use of these medicines, almost 95% patients of Hepatitis are treated and cured in a positive way.

Let us all make Pakistan a Hepatitis free Pakistan!

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