Obesity Is The Root Cause Of All Disease Essay In Urdu

It has been revealed by an expert of health department that Obesity is the root and main cause of many serious health issues. It is suggested that we should be increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables in our diet so that we can stay away from this Obesity issue. If this issue will not be controlled then it is expected that in 2020, the percentage of fatty and obese people will reach to 65%. Because of environmental problems and having the intake of spray manufacture vegetables- we are becoming the victim of Obesity.

Obesity- Pakistan ranked at the 9th spot

  • When it comes to the number of obese people in any country then Pakistan is ranked at the 9th spot. If you are fat from childhood then it is expected that you will carry this fitness in the later on years of life as well. Because of Obesity, you get to face these heart and liver problems. We have to give the latest technology and latest medical equipment to these Obese people.



  • People have been taking junk and fast food a lot, this kind of food items make you Obese. It is the need of the time that we should setup patient welfare societies so that people can be educated that what they should eat and what they should not eat.
  • The government of Pakistan should be installing IDD and Advanced kinetic therapies so that this issue can be controlled as soon as possible.
  • Because of excessive weight, you face the joint issues and problems. This issue can be treated if you will carry out advanced disc slip method.
  • In Pakistan, Obesity clinics should be set up so that people can be made an alert on the timely basis that they should not gain more weight.

If you do not want to become the victim of heart and liver issues, joint issues then first you have to solve this Obesity issue in your body. Remain fit and healthy and stay away from the junk and fast food items.

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