Prime Minister National Health Programme (PMHNP) Quetta Is About To Launch

The ministry of National Health Services (NHS) is about to launch a health related program under the title of Prime Minister’s National Health Programme (PMNHP) Quetta. The arrangements are about to complete and there are many issues internally resolved for the sake of people. It is another positive step by the government that would give perception about the best implementation of politics in required form. The medical treatment against the health issues particularly in the required area showed the positive signs to run an effective governance by meeting all terms and conditions.

Prime Minister National Health Programme (PMHNP) Quetta

The 76000 families would get treatment from this program and would beneficial in all aspect to the people of Quetta. The free of cost medical treatment means there are so much to explore in the health sector because it concerns with the public in required way. The first week of May is expected date for the launch of Prime Minister’s National Health Programme (PMNHP) Quetta and would provide the free of cost medical to the people. Although there are lower signs that showed that Pakistan is a welfare state but sign of such program is enough to prove that.

Prime Minister National Health Programme (PMHNP) Quetta

The best thing about the way of treating people of Quetta is that it would create another wish for other provinces need same kind of approach. The prime minister did not ignore those areas including Punjab, Balochistan, AJK, FATA and Gilgat Baltistan. The program would expand in coming one to two years and there is no official news about its expansion. The Sindh and KPK is not involved in such government initiative because inferior leadership has declined the initiative of superior one that is not politically a good step. The 50,000 rupees is handsome amount would give to those families who actually go through the treatment.

The major diseases termed as priority disease according to the program are cancer, accident, burn injuries, diabetic complications, heart bypass and infections. These diseases are actually treated on priority basis with about 250000 rupees under the same program. Faisal Rafiq who is Director of PMNHP for Quetta actually hopeful for the successful implementation of medical treatment in required form for the population of Quetta. The data of poorest families got by the database from Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The 24000 families are currently on board and remaining would register soon as per Faisal Rafiq got the information about the PMNHP Quetta.

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