A Map Of Upcoming Power Projects In Pakistan Power Sector Future

I have seen a map of future of energy sector of Pakistan. The map indicates right direction towards future of power sector in Pakistan. The power sector in Pakistan is actually doing best job within jurisdictions. The road of powerful Pakistan is best with several activities and best one with the normal division. Now Pakistan government has adopted vision towards energy division. Below is A Map Of Upcoming Power Projects In Pakistan

There are several territories that need exploration according to the energy resources present in different locations in Pakistan. The newly explored location under the new plan of energy exploration is Gilgit Baltistan. If all goes well then energy exploration plan would exploit resources of the location to get 138 Mega Watt. The independent power plants IPP) in the location would extract it as compared to 5210 Mega Watt from government owned mega projects.

The next location would be Azad Jammu & Kashmir and would participate in the overall plan. The IPPs would explore 3789 Mega Watt under IPPs and 969 Mega Watt under government mega projects. Punjab is a major province that would explore oil and hydel under IPPs. The oil IPPs would give 163 Mega Watt. The hydel IPPs would give 720 Mega Watt. The other Punjab province would have another 425 Mega Watt as Gas energy resources.

The gas energy resources in Punjab is less as compare to government mega project in future plans of a mega project (1000 MW). The government is planning for 680 Mega Watt nuclear project. The coal IPPs 3180 MW, nuclear government project MW, Gas IPPs 120 MW, and hydel Govt. Mega Project 486 MW. The government is planning 6600 MW in Baluchistan under IPPs.

A Map Of Upcoming Power Projects In Pakistan Power Sector Future

upcoming power project

The hydel project would be installed that was included in the plan from the same location. After the hydel power project in Gilgit-Baltistan, the next plan would be Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The region that is selected actually gives a lot in terms of energy division. The second region shall explore regions like IPPs 2948 MW. The same location would explore 13546 Mega Watt under the govt mega projects. The same hydel projects are allocated for the power sector in Pakistan.


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