Bashigram Lake Swat Valley Pakistan, Map, Photos, Weather

This lake Bashigram Danda which is located in the Swat valley, it is one of the most enchanting of all! It is the real one breathtaking lake and we have not a single doubt about that. You will see a different perspective of life on this lake. This lake is a life in itself. This lake will tell you the true meaning of life once you will feel and touch its water. Just pack up your bags, do not waste any more time and visit this Bashigram Dand. This Swat valley has magic and beauty in each and every corner of it. You have to explore and find that beauty. It will be the real adventure for you. Time to know more about this Bashigram Danda lake:

Facts about Bashigram Dand lake

  • For the location of Bashigram Lake, we have seen that it is located the right to the east of Bashigram valley, this valley is near Madyan. To reach to this Bashigram valley, you have to make a traveling of forty to about fifty minutes. You will see that this valley has been inhibited by the simple folk. The people over here are quite hospitable.
  • From this Bashigram valley, you have to do the trekking of about four to five hours. If you are the passionate trekker then this trekking should be enjoyed by you. If you have that professionalism in you, if you have that factor of enthusiasm in you then you will enjoy this trekking a lot. Then finally, this trekking will take you to this serene looking and one of the enchanting looking lakes of Bashigram.

Bashigram Lake Swat Valley Pakistan, Map, Photos, Weather


This Bashigram Dand lake is a must and for a sure visit by you. You will enjoy your time here. Being one of the enchanting lakes in Pakistan, each one of us should feel the beauty of this lake. Visit this lake, you will be overwhelmed with its beauty.

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