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If you are one of the die-hard Lahoris then we are sure that you will never and ever miss out the visit of old Lahore site. The visit to the Old Lahore city will for sure give you a fresh sigh of relief. Lahore is a city of hustle and bustle and it is this clumsiness that fascinates us all the time. Here, details and historical facts about this Delhi gate will be shared with you.

All About Delhi Gate- Built by Emperor Akbar

As we know that this gate is one of the 9 gates that take you out and that take you into the old city of Lahore. This gate comes with a massive kind of entrance. It is this exceptional kind of gate that radiates all of the history and cultures from it. This gate has been built by Emperor Akbar. It usually opens on the east side of Delhi. This gate tells us about the tales and stories of love as well as glory.

Kashmiri Bazaar and Wazir Khan Mosque

This Delhi gate encompasses this bazar in itself! Right at its entrance side, you will be seeing pots hangings, tea shops are there, vendors of fruits and vegetables are there. Right at the one turn of this bazar, you will be able to see this grand sort if Wazir Khan mosque. It was in 1634 that this mosque was built by Wazir. This mosque has these red brick in shade stairs and it has this amazing sunlit courtyard. Extra ordinary tile work has been put up along with the embellishment of Persian as well as Arabic calligraphy. Wazir Khan Mosque encompasses these hand made patterns in its mosque, beautifully crafted Quranic verses are there.

Whenever you get to have a chance to visit the Old city of Lahore then this Delhi gate, Kashmir bazar and Wazir Khan Mosque is a must for you to visit.

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