Godar Lake Kalam Swat Valley Pakistan Pictures Images

One cannot at all measure the beauty and magical level of this Swat valley. This place is massively beautiful, you will adore this place each and every time. This place has wide in a number of amazing looking lakes in its region. You should check out the beauty and magic possess in these lakes. They are jaw opening, those lakes captivate your attention each and every time. The beauty of those lakes cannot be neglected. One will always and all the time get mesmerized the beauty and serene look of those lakes. Here, we will only be talking about Godar Lake, check out the details of this lake. You will love it, you will love it serene look for sure about Godar Lake Kalam Swat Valley Pakistan:

  • For the information, this Godar Lake is roughly and about 6 kilometers just beyond the Kundol Lake. You can also say that it is located and situated roughly right between Kalam and the region of Kandol in that Upper Swat. It is one of the beautiful sites.

Godar Lake Kalam Swat Valley Pakistan Pictures Images

  • You will not be able to express its beauty once you will have a look this lake.


  • This Godar Lake is above the sea level and about 3830 meters above. It is the best picnic spot. If your family has yet not gone out for a trip and you are looking for some amazing picnic spot then this Godar Lake is right here for you. You can carry out your bbq party session here, you can spend the best of your time and the best of your moments with your family buddies here.
  • If you want to make a wise decision and this opportunity is given to you to visit this lake then you should say yes. It is one of the magnificent lakes. You will love it for sure.

Godar Lake is waiting for you now! Go and pack your bags. Visit this lake and share your best of the moments and experience with us.

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