Izmis Lake Swat Pakistan A New Way To Enjoy

There is no doubt that this Izmis lake swat is the serene and jaw opening lakes we have in the Swat valley. It is a magical place, it is a serene and a flawless looking lake. You will be enthralled and surprised by its beauty. The minute you will be stepping into the water of this Izmis Dand lake, you will start feeling its beauty. You will forget the beauty of foreign lakes once you will check out this lake. Here, information about this subjected lake will be given to you:

  • For the information, Izmis meaning is the caves which are located in Kohistani. This lake has been surrounded and covered by large in number natural caves. It is because of the presence of these caves that this lake is given this name.

Izmis Lake Swat

  • This Izmis Lake is located and situated right on the North-east of the Utror valley. On this lake, you will also be seeing a small sort of hamlet named as Kalam Banda. If you will visit this hamlet then you will be quite happy because people will be treating here you with open hearts. The people living in this hamlet have their own special kind of rustic style and this is the thing which all of the tourists like about them.


  • This lake comes with a shallow depth, it has a little water in it. It has less amount of water in it because this little water comes from its surrounded small springs. This lake is on the brink of declining and we need to do something. If this lake will not be restored then we will lose the important source of fresh drinking water. This lake is also an important source for the irrigation water purposes.

Do visit this Izmis Dand lake. You will like it. More details about the other lakes of swat valley will be shared with you sooner

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