Kundol Lake Swat Trek, Height, History Another Beauty In Pakistan

It is a fact that people keep on praising the beauty of this Kundol Dand lake. It can be said that if one has not visited this lake then he or she is an unlucky person. This lake is a majestic looking lake. It is a captivating looking lake. Your eyes will be wide open once you will step into this lake. In Swat valley, this lake is one of the prominent signs when it comes to beauty. Before visiting this lake, you should have a detailed information about it. Check out that information from here:

Facts about Kundol Dand lake

  • This Kundol Lake is located right in the north of the Utror valley. You can have an access to this lake by making your journey from the region of Kalam and then making your headway to the region of Utror. After reaching to Utror, you will see that a link road will appear and this road will take you to a green valley named as Ladu. This valley is located right in the foothills of this Kundol Dand lake.


  • You can also reach to Ladu green valley by doing the hiking. In this way, your trip and journey will become enjoyable. Your hiking should start from Utror and then it will end at Ladu. This Ladu has a hut in it, from there you can enjoy some tea as well.
  • Around this Kundol Dand lake, you will be seeing mountains around it. Trees have been scattered around it. You will also see grass along with the thick vegetation. You will too catch the glimpse of Khapiro lake and Spin khwar which is a White Stream lake as well. They are at the peripheries of this subjected Kundol Lake.

See the magical view of this magical looking lake. It is the time to go on some adventurous tour. Pack your bags and visit this lake for once.

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