Lahore Cable Car Project 2017 Map Route Find With Us

The chief minister of Lahore shahbaz sharif is now offering the new project for the city of Lahore. The ultimately aim of the shahbaz sharif is to make the Lahore world’s best city like Paris in Pakistan and now he has taken a one step ahead for making this city incredibly beautiful and making the example for the other cities of the Pakistan. Now the people of the Lahore will travel in the air after the project of the orange line train he purposed the cable car projects in Lahore that is sounds much exited near to the people of the Lahore. The project is divided in the three roots in the entire city of Lahore. so get the further read about Lahore Cable Car Project

First root is starts from the imamia colony to the railway station of the Lahore, second root is Jahangir temple to greater iqbal park and the third root starts from the jaloo mor to thokar niaz baig that covers the approximately area of the Lahore.

This project is looking very impressive and appealing to the people of the Lahore alike to the matero bus project. A large population of the Lahore uses the matro bus service and the service is great and provides a very standard facility to the people of Lahore.

Lahore Cable Car Project 2017 Map Route Find With Us

The matro bus service most popular in the old gentry of Pakistan. Likewise this service the cable cars project also facilitates to the people. People have to face the heavy traffic in these areas that’s way this project will definitely decrease the traffic problem of the people of Lahore. but this project have some issues like load shedding that become the curse in the country of Pakistan.

Lahore Cable Car Project

There is already shortage of the electricity in Lahore and do not full fill the need of the city of Lahore that makes the project of cable car a bite impossible  and do not look feasible. The people and the political parties like PTI, PP are criticizing for this projects to the mian shahbaz shrif  and people of Pakistan and the political parties are asking that the government is making bluffs for the upcoming election that waste the time and the resources of the country of Pakistan.                  


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