Mahodand Lake Kalam Swat Valley Pakistan In Winter, Summer Images

This Mahodand Fish Lake comes with massive beauty. The real X-factor is present in this lake. You will love this lake because it is surrounded by the beauty of nature. It has an exotic looking beauty. If you really want to take some time out from your busy and tough lives then this is the best passing time spot for you. You should visit this Mahodand Fish Lake, spend some time here and you will forget the tough time of your life. Here, important information about this lake will be given to you so visit Mahodand Lake Kalam Swat Valley:

Mahodand Lake Kalam Swat Valley Pakistan In Winter, Summer Images

Details about Mahodand Fish Lake

  • You can call this lake as the most scenic site and spot on this planet earth. This lake is located in the Mahodand valley. For the information, this valley lies right in the North and 35 km away from Kalam. We have seen that this Mahodand valley is much famous and well known because of its exotic kind of trout fish hunting.
  • You can reach to this valley through the road of Kalam. You have to drive for 4 to 5 hours and then you will enter in this Mahodand valley. This valley is covered with small in length lakes. you will be able to see towering trees here. This valley is covered with the restaurants and also hotels. You will be given boating facilities in this lake of Mahodand.
  • This lake has an amazing camping site too. This lake is filled with the cool water. This lake is a true and real one artistic kind of gift from God.

It is the time to cherish and enjoy the beauty of this fish lake. You can take many of the captivating pictures on this lake, enjoy your boating sessions over here. Your trip will become a memorable one if you will visit this lake. You should be seeing the beauty of this lake. Time to praise the nature and its beauty.

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