Matiltan Valley Swat Pakistan Images, Info, Photos, Visit

This Matiltan is full of magic in it, it is the fascinating place in Pakistan. If you have been recently married then go at this place for your honeymoon, if you want to go out with your friends for a tour then this Matiltan site is a must visit for you. The people of Pakistan are a die hard fans of the recreational sites of Swat, among them we have this ever amazing and ever beautiful Matiltan site. Here, we will be telling you more of the details and informative facts about this place, check out the below details:

Information about Matiltan

  • As we know that this Matiltan Valley runs right to the northeast of Kalam. It gives us the magnificent and amazing view of Mount Falaksair. For the information, this Mount Falaksair has the height is 5918 m. It is one of the most popular peaks in this area of Matiltan.
  • This valley comes with wide in a number of trip and picnic spots. It is the best place to hang out with your friends. Here you can do your hiking and fishing activities as well. Yes, first class hiking is provided by this area. This valley can give you the magical in a number of opportunities if you will be visiting it for once.

Matiltan Valley Swat Pakistan Images, Info, Photos, Visit


  • This valley comes right after Usho. It is 11 km away from the site of Kalam. This valley has wide in a number of glaciers in it, you will enjoy the view of its thick and lush forests. This valley has so much breath taking eye opening lofty kind of mountain peaks in it.
  • If you will be traveling by the Kalam road then you have to reach to this place on a 4 wheel vehicle. When you will be passing through the Kalam village then you will see that breath taking and magical looking Lake Mahodand. It is one of the charming lakes, you will love it.

It is the time to visit Matiltan!

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