Kalam Valley Swat Photos Neel Sar Lake Pakistan Hidden Nature

You can say that this Swat valley is the valley of lakes, it is the valley of mountains and now covered peaks. This valley looks alarmingly beautiful both in the summer time and also in the winters time. It is a single kind of valley that look capturing and captivating enough in all of the four seasons. If you want to get some time off from this busy kind of city life and routine then make sure that you do opt for these Swat valley lakes. These lakes are mesmerizing. They have they real one serene look in them. One should check out and visit all of these lakes. These lakes tell us the correct definition of lakes. Here, details and some of the facts about Neelsar Lake will be given to you. You should know the facts of this lake before you make a visit to it:

Kalam Valley Swat Photos Neel Sar Lake Pakistan Hidden Nature


  • If you want to know about the actual location of this lake then we can tell you that this Neelsar Lake is at a distance of about 10 kilometers right from Mahodand. It will take about one day if you want to check out this lake. Yes, this lake takes one day to reach its exact location.
  • This lake is also surrounded and encompassed by the camping area. You can put up and place your camps here. In a comfortable way, you can pass out and spend 2 days at this lake. This lake is then accompanied by this Katchikuni top and then this pass will be taking you to the neighboring Chitral side.
  • You cannot at all imagine that how best your time and moments will come out to be if you ill visit this lake! It is a jaw opening lake, it is a real and actual serene looking lake. If you want to feel beauty, if you want to see the real beauty this Neelsar Lake is here for you.

Do visit this magical looking lake.

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