Newspapers In Pakistan List 2018 Print Media Of Pakistan

Through this page, you can have a look at the details of this Newspapers In Pakistan List 2018 Print Media Of Pakistan. In our country of Pakistan, the scope of print media is getting massive day by day. In the previous and older days, we used to have few of the Newspapers working in Pakistan. The print media was not that much well expanded enough in the older days. If we talk about the current time then it is true that this print media is reaching to the sky heights. Our print media is now working in a more responsible and constructive way. We have this wide list of Newspapers which are working in Pakistan. These newspapers always try their level best to raise awareness among the citizens of Pakistan. Check out the list now:

Newspapers In Pakistan List 2018

  • Jang Group Of Newspapers. It is one of the largest and massive one English and also Urdu newspaper publication networks working inPakistan
  • Then we have this newspaper of a Frontier Post. It is an English daily right from NWFP Peshawar.
  • We have this amazing newspaper of The Dawn. It is Karachi-Based and it is in English-Language
  • Then we have Nation: Lahore Pakistan! It is the Pakistan’s first of its kind of interactive kind of newspaper. It gives updates and news round the clock
  • Business Recorder, it is the Pakistan’s national and best of the financial daily It is published from Karachi and also from Lahore

Newspapers In Pakistan List Print Media Of Pakistan

  • Friday Times, it is a Political weekly. This newspapers includes news and also editorials in it.
  • Nawa-I-Waqt, it has pages in Urdu. Most of the people who well understand Urdu language and whose mother tongue is Urdu, they prefer and like to read this This paper has wide coverage in almost all of the regions of Pakistan.
  • The Nation, this newspaper is also massively read by the people of Pakistan. It is circulated in almost each and every city of Pakistan.

This is all about the newspapers In Pakistan List Print Media Of Pakistan. Though the sector of Print media in Pakistan is getting success day by day. If some more new newspapers will come in Pakistan or in the city of Pakistan, we will let you know. Do read all of these papers. If you have not read any of these newspapers then do that by now! Let us know too what which one is your favorite one newspaper? for Newspapers In Pakistan List 2018 Print Media Of Pakistan

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