Nimogram Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan, Facts, Images, Photos

Do you want to catchup with the complete information and details about Nimogram Stupa? If yes then here we will be giving you the facts about this site. This Nimogram Stupa is in Swat, this region is fully jam packed and loaded with lakes and mountains, it is filled with the archaeological sites. Check out the details of this stupa site from here:

Information about Nimogram Stupa

  • If you will be traveling just and about 7 km from the area of Landakai then you will see that a road will be moving towards Nimogram. This region of Nimogram is at an approximate distance of 21 km. For the information, this site of Nimogram is quite and much famous because of its monastery.
  • This Nimogram Stupa is located and can be seen on the top of a hill. This monastery comes with the main and primary stupas and then you will get to see several and other ones too. It is one of the most visited archeological sites. These are the sites which actually revive this Buddhist period. This Nimogram Stupa is built with the dress stones, old artisans have built it,
  • This subjected Buddhist site located in the region of Nimogram is situated and located about 45 km right at the west of Saidu Sharif. It is about 22 km away from Birkot. It can be accessed from the right bank of that Swat river.

Nimogram Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan, Facts, Images, Photos


  • You should be visiting these three of the main stupas, this site comes with a courtyard and it comprises of 56 votive stupas. In this site, you will get to see the displays of coins and also pottery of that Scytho-Parthian period. Collections of stone and too stucco sculptures are there!

This Nimogram Stupa is a must visit for you, try visiting this site and you will become a fan of it. More information about this Swat region and sites will be provided to you so stay tuned and in touch with us.

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