Ram Takht Swat Valley Pakistan

Do you know about Ram Takht? It is in Swat, as this region is famous and much popular because of its mountains and lake sites. At the same time, this region is too popular because of its ancient sites. Here, complete information about this Ram Takht will be given to you. You can also call it with the name of Ram Throne. So what is the history of this throne and Takht, we have to check out that:

Details and information about Ram Takht

  • For the information, this Ram Takht is one of the most sacred places that belong to the community of Hinduism. You will be able to find out that this place is considered as a sacred one right after the Amarnath Cave when we have talked about their sacredness. This place is a place of sanctity according to the community of community of Hinduism/.
  • Its location details are that this Ram Takht is located right on the top of the Mount Elum. It is situated at an altitude of about 9200 feet and that too above sea level. You can also call this point with the name of Jogyano Sar or yogis’ peak.


  • From this site of Ram Takht, you can also catch up the view of dune of Barikot. This dune is also famous because of its sacred ruins. These ruins are actually visible here if you will move towards the side of North-West.
  • It is the belief of the Hindu community that Ram Chandra Jee Maharajah actually spent three years of the time period of his life here. Right on the first day of Sawan, we have seen that many of the Hindu people make a visit to this site each and every year. They pray and also worship over here.

You can also make a visit to this Ram Takht (Ram’s Throne). Stay tuned because more information and exact facts about these sites will be given to you.

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