Shingardar Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan, Images, Facts, Photos

Shingardar Stupa is one of the visited stupas and shrines in Swat. If you want to check out the most enchanting places of Swat, if you want to explore this heavenly place of earth then we can help you in that! Here, we will be giving you the details about this one of the most visited stupas, we are talking about this Shingardar Stupa. If you visit and make a tour to Swat then this site has to be visited by you. It is the time to get some extra knowledge and information about this subjected stupa. Check out and read the below-mentioned details:

Facts about Shingardar Stupa

  • If you want to know about the location of this Shingardar Stupa then it is for the information that this stupa is located and situated 3km right to the northeast of that Brikot village.

Shingardar Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan, Images, Facts, Photos


  • This Shingardar stupa had been identified by the Colonel Deane and also by Sir Aurel Stein. It was built by the King Uttarasena. This stupa is given the name of Shingardar Stupa because in the ancient times, once a white elephant used to carry the King. When the King arrived at that particular spot then that elephant dropped down and, he died away. That elephant changed and transformed himself into a rock shape.
  • It is just the myth of this Shingardar Stupa. Many of us believe in this myth and many of us do not have a faith on this myth.

These are the details and some of the myths about this Shingardar Stupa. We will give you more informative details about these kinds of stupas. Swat is a vast place, it is the time to take some break from your busy life and explore this Swat region as much as you can. It is an interesting site, if you will also get to know about more myths about this stupa, do let us know as well.

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