Spin Khwar Lake Swat White Stream Tour Details

If we start explaining the beauty level of the lakes located in this Swat valley then we are quite sure that we will run out of words. These lakes need some poetry to express their beauty. These lakes are there in some different fairy tale world. If you want to know about this Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake then here we can tell you that. Check out and read the below-written information of this lake:

Facts about Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake for tour

  • This lake is lake hidden right in the lap of mountains. These mountains are located right to towards the north of the Kundal Lake and also east of that Utror valley.
  • This lake is given this name of Spin Khwar because it tells us about this small white stream lake. You will see that once you will visit this lake that it is covered with the mountains. This lake is also a vital and an important source of water for the people living in this Swat valley.
  • You can make an access of this Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake with the help of two of the tracks. One track is from Kunda lake and the other track is through that Ladu valley. If you will be reaching to this lake through this Ladu valley then you will notice that it is an easy track. You will easily walk on this track.

Spin Khwar Lake Swat White Stream Tour Details


  • This Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake is surrounded by the areas of small huts. You will also see grazers and some mosques around this area. To make a visit to this lake, you should be bringing your own tent because huts over here are in bad condition.

This lake is the most popular lake among the people of Pakistan. It is a worthy lake if you will visit it. It is the recommended recreational spot for you. Do visit this lake and capture as many special moments as you can. More details about this lake will be given to you. Stay tuned and get yourself ready to visit this lake.

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