Swat Museum Saidu Sharif Is Must Place In Swat To Visit

If you make a visit to the Saidu Sharif then how can you forget to make a visit to this Swat Museum! If you are interested in history and wants to know about the historical facts of this place then this site should be visited by you. Check out the important and valid facts of Swat Museum:

Swat Museum facts

  • In this Swat Museum, sculptures are taken from the Buddhist sites. This museum is filled up with the galleries. Here, you will see the labeled one Buddha’s life story. The main highlights of this museum comprise of Terracotta figurines, you can see some of the ancient utensils and precious stones on this site.
  • This Swat Museum has been beautifully displayed with the examples of local embroidery, you can watch some of the amazing examples of carved wood, here special items of tribal jewelry are also displayed.

Swat Museum

  • If you want to have a look and see the precious collection of this Gandahara art then this is a site to be visited by you! This place comes with a bunch in a number of artifacts, you can see stupas and also coins of various and old ages here.
  • It is situated right on the main of Mingora- Saidu sharif road. On Wednesday, this museum is closed usually. We can say it without a doubt that this Swat Museum shows us the real culture and heritage of our country, all of the displays of this museum are amazing.

Swat Museum is a must to see the place by you. Just stay tuned with us because more of the recreational sites ar yet to come from Swat side. It is heaven and paradise on earth, you will love this place once you will step into it. When you visit Swat, you have to visit each and every place of it. Stay tuned with us and do visit and see this historical museum whenever you get a chance.

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