Mankial Valley Kalam Swat, Peak, Stupa, Photos,Images

If we start counting one of the magical places in Pakistan then we cannot forget the name of this The Valley of Mankial site. It is located in Swat, it is an extra ordinary place, you can go with your partner, have a family time at this site. You will forget all of your worries once you will be visiting this site. If you want to admire the beauty and also natural beauty then this is the place right for you. Here, check out and read below the important details and information related to this The Valley of Mankial. Before you visit this valley, you should know about Mankial Valley.

  • Yes, without a doubt it is the most beautiful and magical valley of Swat, you can say that it is a mix of varied valleys. This valley also consists of wide in a number of plains in it.
  • Its southern region is wide and also open at the same time. The southern region of The Valley of Mankial comprises of the plains. We have seen that these plains are cultivated in the whole year time frame. In these plains, we get to see that massive quantity and range of fruits and also crops.

Mankial Valley Kalam Swat, Peak, Stupa


  • If we talk about the Northern region of the Valley of Mankial then this region consist of the tall and high rising mountains. You will be seeing small valleys in it. These small valleys give us space and room so that we can carry out the methods of our cultivation. This small valley too consists of the residential areas.
  • This valley of Mankial is right on the main road and this main road takes us to Kalam. You will see that this valley of Mankial is quite popular because of its sharp peaks. For the information, its tallest peak has the height of 18750 feet and this peak is above the sea level.

Do make a visit to this Valley of Mankial!

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