Impact of United State Elections 2016 On Pakistan US Presidential Election

As we know that United State Elections 2016 are on their way and US President Barack Obama will be leaving his presidential seat. So who will be the next US president? We have to wait for a little time more. Many of the critics and analysts from the side of Pakistan are issuing the statements that what impact on Pakistan will be taken right after these United State Elections 2016 will take place. Below is the analysis that will tell you about the impact of United State Elections 2016 on Pakistan.

Impact of United State Elections 2016 on Pakistan


  • Analysts are of this view that Pakistan might face some of the tough times if Donald Trump will become the President of US. It is seen that the Republican party hold some grudges against the Muslims and this aspect of this Republican party has greatly and massively disappointed Pakistan.
  • If Hilary Clinton will be appointed as the President of US then it will come out as a positive aspect for Pakistan. She belongs to the Democrat party. As we know that the US is the super power in this whole world. Who ever will be its President, he or she will always be of great significance.
  • Now on 4th Nov 2016, Donald Trump will be competing with Hilary Clinton. As the husband of Hilary named as Bill Clinton has all the time build friendly relations with Pakistan. This same strategy will be followed by Hilary, that is why Pakistan wants her to be the next US president.

We have to wait till the time of 4th Nov 2016 to get to know that who will be the next US president. Let us hope for the best and who ever will become the next US president, may he or she construct and build friendly relations with Pakistan. We are looking forward to both the Democrat party and Republican party.

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