Issues Of Democratic Elections In Pakistan

It is now seen that the parliamentary subcommittee has recently finalized its recommendations with regard to the electoral reform. These reforms have now been welcomed by all of the democratic-minded citizens. Now efforts have been made and attempts are in process to make improvements in our election system. We need to make this system as much comprehensive as we can. If suitable changes will be made in our Constitution itself, then our country will flourish in a democratic way and manner.

What are the Issues Of democratic elections In Pakistan?

  • We do not have a revised electoral framework in our country. We need to have that kind of framework that can well satisfy all of the critics.

    It is seen that our parliamentary subcommittee does not at all addressed its task and duties with considerable kind of passion and thoroughness. If parliamentary subcommittee will be doing its duty fully, then our election system might get smooth.

  • We do not have a fair method of selecting and picking out the chief election commissioner for elections. We need to come up with a complete process with regard to the selection of the polling staff.
  • Our returning officers and also assistant presiding officers do not carry out their tasks fairly. The process for the declaration of the results of elections needs to be revised.
  • We also see the use of religion that forces people to cast their vote. This practice should also remove right away. The exploitation of religion just for the sake of political purposes are completely deteriorating the democratic fabric of our country.

Democratic Elections In Pakistan

My View

If we want to have smooth democratic elections in Pakistan then we need to start making up some of the relevant laws and also procedures. We need to conduct elections in a free way. Each of the voters should be getting this feeling that he or she is casting a vote without having any kind of fear. We also have to remove the feudal culture and also exploitation of religion just for the political purposes. If all of the electoral malpractices will be vanished from our country then free and fair elections can be seen in Pakistan. Any of the elections can only and just be termed as democratic if people and citizens of that country call them fair. Let us all see YES and welcome to free and fair elections in Pakistan.

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