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Biography Of Allama Iqbal For Kids In Pakistan

Here we have a Biography Of Allama Iqbal For Kids In Pakistan. Allama Iqbal is our national poet. He was born on 9th Nov 1877 and he died on 21st April 1938. He is the national poet of Pakistan, he was also a philosopher and a politician, he was too an academic professional, and a barrister and too scholar. He was called the name of the Spiritual father of Pakistan. No doubt he is the most important figure when it comes to the contributions in Urdu literature and Persian. He is an eminent poet, he had been acclaimed as the “Muslim philosopher and thinker of modern times”. For information, his first poetry book was named The Secrets of the Self, this book was written in the Persian language in the time of 1915.

He wrote a bunch of other books of poetry too and they are The Secrets of Selfnesses, he wrote Message from the East, and also Persian Psalms. He made contributions and gave his writings in Urdu as well, some of his famous Urdu writings are The Rod to Moses and The Call of the Marching Bell. He wrote a large amount of Urdu and too Persian poetry, he used to give Urdu, and English lectures.

Biography Of Allama Iqbal For Kids In Pakistan

Allama Iqbal

He was given the title of Shair-e-Mashriq or the title of the poet of the East. His other title was Mufakkir-e-Pakistan or you can call him The Thinker of Pakistan. His other famous titles are Musawar-e-Pakistan, “Artist of Pakistan” and also Hakeem-ul-Ummat, The Sage of the Ummah.

Do you know that these grandparents were from the Kashmir Pandit side, it is true! He had a son, his name is Javed Iqbal and he was born in the year of 1930. Allam Iqbal’s mother got died in the time of 9 November 1914.  His father’s name was Sheikh Noor Muhammad and he died in the year 1930, his father was a tailor by profession. Iqbal’s mother was a local Punjabi Muslim, she was a polite and also a humble woman. Allama Iqbal got married 3 times, his first marriage was with Karim Bibi. His second marriage was then with Sardar Begum and his third marriage was then commenced with Mukhtar Begum. Just stay tuned and more details on the biography of Allama Iqbal for kids will be put up.

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