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Who Is Composer Of Pakistan National Anthem?

The music composer of Pakistan national anthem is Ahmad Chagla . This Pakistan national anthem is also named as Pak taranah which is as well termed as The Sacred land. Music of this national anthem is composed by Ahmad Chagla in the year of 1949 and its lyrics have been written by Hafeez Jullundhri. It was in the year of 1952 that lyrics of this national anthem were written. During this time of Aug 1954, this national anthem was officially marked and called as the national anthem of our country Pakistan. It was in year 1954 that this song had been recorded by these eleven major singers and they were Ahmad Rushdi and also Kaukab Jahan and too by Rasheeda Begum as well as by Najam Ara and Naseema Shaheen. At that time, this national anthem was also sung by Zawar Hussain and Akhtar Abbas and too by Ghulam Dastagir and also Anwar Zaheer, Akhtar Wasi Ali.

It is true that whenever we sung this Pakistan national anthem, a special kind of passion gets inducted in ourselves. Each and every country has their own set of national songs and we have this Pakistan national anthem. Do you know that when President of Indonesia made his first foreign  visit to our country Pakistan on the time of 30 January 1950 then there was not a single Pakistani national anthem that can be played, it is true!

Composer Of Pakistan National Anthem

Composer Of Pakistan National Anthem

When prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan made his official visit to the country United States during the time of 3 May 1950 then at that time, this Pakistan national anthem was played. The composer of this Pakistani national anthem Ahmed G. Chagla, he died in the time of 1953. It is true that this Qaumi Taranah, it is the most melodious and and one of the harmonious songs. It is a three-stanza composition and its tune has been based on the eastern music.

Composer of this Pakistani national anthem who is a musician and composer by profession named as Ahmad G. Chagla, he did make use of both of the eastern and also western music elements in this anthem. This national song of Pakistan has the duration of 80 seconds. This anthem written by Hafeez Jullundhri, it is all understandable in both of these Persian and Urdu languages.  We will give more historical updates to you regarding composer of Pakistan national anthem so stay tuned with us.

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