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Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu, English Early Life And Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi is the worldly famous humanitarian! He ran the Edhi foundation which is the Pakistan largest welfare foundation. His date of birth is 1st Jan 1928. This greatest man is no more with us. He died on 8th July 2016 in Karachi. He is one of the well-known social activists we have known so far! It had been sixty years that he run this Edhi foundation. He was the father of orphans, he gave shelter to poor and women and abandoned children,

Abdul Sattar Edhi– the most respected man in Pakistan

He can be called as real one national Hero in Pakistan. He is the father Teresa of Pakistan. He told the media that it was through this 8 by 8 room that he started this charitable work. He asked for donations from all over Pakistan and people of Pakistan helped him all the time with open hearts. With just Rs 5000, he managed to open this Edhi trust and later on, it was given the name of Balqees Edhi trust.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu, English Early Life And Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu

Abdul Sattar Edhi- The mastermind of Edhi foundation

He has been acknowledged to carry out the largest ambulance service so far. He operates by 1500 in a number of ambulances. He is a saint for all of us, he is an angel for all of us. He is this belief that though people have become educated now but they have not yet become humans so far. It was in the year 1989 when he got the Nishan e Imtiaz award. He had also been voted as a Person of the Year by Express Tribune.

Abdul Sattar Edhi death

It was in 2013 when his kidneys got failed. Then the later on years, he used to do dialysis. He died at the age of 88. He donated his eyes as well. He was buried in Edhi village.

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He is a legend, he knows how to do humanitarian work!

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