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Dr Umar Saif LUMS Graduate

Dr Umar Saif has now been included in the global list of the top 35 innovators right under 35. This ranking has been given by the MIT Technology Review. It is one of the world’s top most prestigious of its kind of technology publications. Now they have also included the name of Pakistani Dr Umar Saif.

Who is Dr Umar Saif?

Right now, Dr Umar Saif is currently an associate professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He is 32 years old. Now, he is also the part of this Elite club that too includes Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and also Jonathan Ive of Apple. That list also includes the co-founders of Google, Larry Page and also Sergey Brin. Dr Umar Saif has created and developed BitMate. It is a kind of “poor man’s broadband system”. He is also the creator of that can well ler mass SMSes to be sent out. It is seen that in Pakistan, the bandwidth of the landline is about 32 kilobits per second. So, he is the man who managed and successfully get done with this connectivity divide.

Dr Umar Saif is the creator of BitMate

He has developed BitMate. It is a kind of software that can well allow different kinds of users in the same area. This software can also pool the bandwidth of all of their connections so that downloading time can be reduced. You will be quite surprised that this software has almost been downloaded more than 30,000 times in 173 countries. This BitMate and have been both developed by Dr Saif along with the help of team of his students from LUMS. He is of this view that this software will be letting each and every Pakistani to communicate and also to spread a certain message.

Dr Umar Saif is the creator of

It is also developed by him. This software is right now used by around 2.7 million users. It has now become the Pakistan’s largest of its kind of SMS social network. Most of the major political parties and also NGOs and corporations have been using this platform. Umar has completed his undergraduate at LUMS in the year 1998. He has also done his graduate studies at the University of Cambridge and also from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Saif also taught at the MIT Computer Science and also at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

My View

Saif has now been leading a team of students in the kind of Dritte initiative. He is also now working to take SMSall right to the next level. We are in need of such kind of talented people in Pakistan. As all of us know that Saif is also the founder of the Pakistan’s first start-up incubators in Lahore. We pay a big and also a massive congratulations to Dr Umar Saif. This country Pakistan is in need of more and more men like these!

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