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Jon Elia Biography Urdu Poet Philosopher Scholar of Pakistan

Whenever history reminds of poets in Pakistan a name of Jon Elia came from hearts of every new poet. The progressive writers in Pakistan and ways of the reaction of those writers always positive towards the Jon Elia. He was the name who still exists due to his progressive work in the field. The son of Allama Shafiq Hasan Elia whenever called in future he would be reminded as a noted poet of Pakistan. The entire family has other notable names as well like the name of Raees Amrohvi and Syed Mohammad Taqi another philosopher in Pakistan refers to Jon Elia Biography.

These personalities made a history of literature for Pakistan. The academic strength of Pakistan can be known due to these kinds of personalities. Jon Elia was the multi-talented personality of Pakistan due to these factors. The first factor that he had the way to present the poetry, therefore, Jon Elia poetry known as one of the finest collections of Poetry in Pakistan. The creativity in poetry remains with the personality until God has different plans for him.

Jon Elia Biography Urdu Poet Philosopher Scholar of Pakistan


The deep knowledge of all subjects related to history was another kick in Jon Elia along the subjects of Philosophy. There are many scholars at that time know about the oriental languages but the command of Jon Elia on these languages had extraordinary example saved in history. Further, the persons learned these languages and became a Pakistani personality with such fame has many ways to express his learning chunks in different subjects ideally linked with the societal norms of Pakistan.


Although he is enlightened persons with Urdu and normally this kind of Urdu speakers still less in numbers. The broad-minded with a secular view in personality he showed the peak of his personality with freedom of speech in real meaning, not like dual western media showing. He was linked with the traditional form of poetry as Mir and Ghalib poetry were in history. Jon Elia was a person who believed in to maintain dignity in Poetry through using the straight forward reaction. It is not possible to write a biography of a landmark of Urdu Literature In Pakistan. One has just given the overview so that reader can understand the Job Elia in few words.

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